Monday, February 10, 2020

Bits & Bites

Read to Someone 

What can you create with 10 black dots? 
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Marshmallow Week

The Snowy Day & Frozen Bugs

We read the storybook, The Snowy Day, the character in the story had many adventures on his journey. As a class, we went out to enjoy the snow and created prints, snow angels, and snowmen. 

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 Frozen bugs
We have been learning about animals that hibernate and migrate. We found out what happens to creatures if they didn't hibernate or migrate. They become frozen! The students found out that if they run warm water over their ice creature, then they could free the creature quicker. 

Little Green Thumbs

The Little Green Thumbs program is up and running! We planted lettuce, tomato, purple pole beans, and pea seeds! Initially, we planted the seeds in pods, then when they sprouted we replanted them in large bins.